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I'm not informed about the rest of the world, but BBC America gave us the glory of a week filled with Doctor Who leading up to the anniversary yesterday. Needed something to watch? BBC A would fill your appetite.

So...The Day of the Doctor. I watched it at home as per my tradition of keyboard slapping along with my pals, but man did the world go all-out. Parties, conventions, seeing it in THREE DEEEEE in the theaters? Man!

Now we've got one more episode to go with Matt Smith as the Doctor - the Christmas special. And after that, well, it's Capaldi and 12 time. I eagerly await it, but I won't deny that I will probably cry profusely.

But enough of that! Wha'd you think of The Day? I was in a frenzy on my first viewing, but got a better appreciation for it upon my second watch. John Hurt was amazingly sassy, and 10 and 11 got along with a lot of fun and snark. I quite enjoyed it.

If you haven't seen the episode's prequel, The Night of the Doctor, then you might want to check that out. In addition, Peter Davison wrangled up the old guard for a half-hour dealio called The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, which is hysterical.

See you at Christmas!
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