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I'm not informed about the rest of the world, but BBC America gave us the glory of a week filled with Doctor Who leading up to the anniversary yesterday. Needed something to watch? BBC A would fill your appetite.

So...The Day of the Doctor. I watched it at home as per my tradition of keyboard slapping along with my pals, but man did the world go all-out. Parties, conventions, seeing it in THREE DEEEEE in the theaters? Man!

Now we've got one more episode to go with Matt Smith as the Doctor - the Christmas special. And after that, well, it's Capaldi and 12 time. I eagerly await it, but I won't deny that I will probably cry profusely.

But enough of that! Wha'd you think of The Day? I was in a frenzy on my first viewing, but got a better appreciation for it upon my second watch. John Hurt was amazingly sassy, and 10 and 11 got along with a lot of fun and snark. I quite enjoyed it.

If you haven't seen the episode's prequel, The Night of the Doctor, then you might want to check that out. In addition, Peter Davison wrangled up the old guard for a half-hour dealio called The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, which is hysterical.

See you at Christmas!
This also contains handy info about this very group!

Although I actively watched Doctor Who throughout the remainder of the season, I took a backseat to this group (moderating submissions) because for me, it was my last semester of college and I was busy as heck. I don't think the episode-by-episode discussions were missed very much, but if you did, my apologies.

In the meantime...well, the 50th Anniversary is in November! That's something cool to look forward to. If you're in the states, then BBC America is featuring a Classic Who episode each month leading up to November. 5's was just on this past Sunday, so 6's will be coming up sometime in June.

On that note, I should lay out some "rules" when it comes to submitting things to the group concerning the 50th Anniversary. I've decided to keep the rules essentially as they are now, meaning that we accept work pertaining to characters from the 11-era only. I realize this causes a bit of a hitch, because it's been confirmed that the 10th Doctor will be in the special, along with (most likely) Rose. However, I have chosen to treat this like we would any other crossover. Therefore, we will only accept pieces with these and past characters if 11, etc., is in the piece with them. If you're confused, then check out the folder for clarification.

Thanks for your understanding, and keep on in there! November isn't so far away~
And with that, we're into 7.2!

Saturday (or [insert your region here]) gave us The Bells of St. John, and also the introduction of Clara Oswald as the Doctor's new companion! What did you think of the episode and the prospects for the rest of the season?

In case you didn't know, Jenna-Louise Coleman is already confirmed for a series 8, so unless she turns into another Rory (which is plausible at this rate), we can probably guess Clara's going to stick around. Other than that, speculation for her runs wild. Feel free to add in your own comments on all this in the comment section!

And finally, if you were watching on BBC America and didn't get a chance to see the trailer for next week, The Rings of Akhaten, then here you go.
Well that was some Christmas special. My favorite part was when that one person said that one thing to that other person. Hilarity ensued. I thought the lighting on that one set was quite marvelous, don't you?

Enough of that - hey folks, it's discussion and speculation time! I'm not joking when I say that really was "some" Christmas special - lots of stuff happened, lots of plots tied up and then unraveled - what the heck is going on here? We got a new TARDIS interior (which I was originally not a fan of, but it's grown on me for reasons), a new companion upon us, and all sorts of possible shenanigans.

Keeping it spoiler-free here, but feel free to go wild in the comments.
'sup party people! Christmas is almost here, and whether you celebrate it or not, that means we've got ourselves a new episode of Doctor Who in a couple days! In case you need to check the schedule, here's a list courtesy of the DW Tumblr:

UK - 12/25, 5:15pm on BBC One
US - 12/25, 9/8 central on BBC America
Canada - 12/25, 9E/6P on Space

Australia - 12/26 at 7:30pm on ABC1
New Zealand - 12/26 at 8:30pm on Prime
Germany - 12/26 (Time TBA) on Fox Germany (sorry!)

In the meantime, I'll be setting up and shuffling around folders in anticipating of the new companion, Clara Oswin, and the things that entail. On that note: if you have trouble submitting to said new folders, please notify me. I recall there were some issues before, but I'm not an expert on how Groups work, so this might be a question for a higher authority - or something smarter - than I. >>;

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